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SCA International is a 24-hour worldwide operation. We serve as emissaries to established suppliers and manufacturers in Asia and North America, giving your organization the competitive advantage to access abundant cost-effective labour and production resources. Our one-stop-shop provides end-to-end production workflow management, in fields of international marketing, branding, design, print manufacturing, sourcing and logistics. We offer our clients the option of a comprehensive supply chain management analysis where we not only source products and services at a lower cost but also assist with the import process. We ensures the best solution is selected to be the most efficient and competitively advantageous for your organization, with minimal impact on our environment.

Thousands of North American businesses desire to enter the Asian market and benefit from 1.3 billion consumers and laborers. However, achieving these corporate objectives in the Asian market dictates the need for regional specific marketing and branding strategies. With over 25 years of experience in the Asian and North American markets, SCA International has the understanding of these distinct cultures to leverage your company’s success in any given marketplace.