• Sourcing / Logistics

    Unfamiliarity with the cultural, legal, and procedural characteristics inherent with globalization can result in deficiencies that can compromise your company’s market share and stunt growth momentum. Our direct connections with multiple manufactures and suppliers in Canada, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, enable us to expedite the process of getting you competitive pricing on quality products. We can locate products or components that you require, research and develop products to your specifications, oversee quality control during and after production and clear your products for shipment. To ensure the consistency and reliability of global sourcing networks, SCA International is capable of undertaking logistical assignments on behalf of your organization. SCA offers value added processes to manage your supply chain in the form of: product development, production planning, quality auditing, developing packaging solutions, project fulfillment and distribution in North America and Asia Pacific.

    Many companies today are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and as such want environment friendlier packaging solutions. This growing demand for eco-friendly packaging alternatives has resulted in many new innovative packaging materials, systems and processes like stone paper technology. We offer consultation and sourcing services, to ensure the best solution is selected and continues to be the most efficient and competitively advantageous for your packaging and promotional needs, with minimal impact on our environment.

  • Skillful Labour Assembling

    Premium packaging often requires customized handcrafted assembly and precision, particularly when multiple components beyond machine production are involved. This kind of exquisite eye-catching packaging enhances brand perception and demands consumer spending.

    SCA International is your resource to an abundant skilled labour force that specializes in hand assembling meticulous projects with optimum efficiency at minimal cost, from asia. Wine and chocolate packaging, toy packaging, cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, paper bags, novelty packs, stationary, irregular-shaped box sets, and other paper products are just a few applications that require hand assembly. We can custom design distinct packaging that utilizes this service, within your projected budget and timeline. Superb relationships with suppliers, factories and distributors around the world, enable us to provide excellent quality control throughout the manufacturing, assembly and delivery process.

  • Brand Management

    A brand is the most valuable asset a company processes. We help create new corporate identities, or reposition existing brands in order to enhance product’s perceived value, increase brand franchise and brand equity and determine the position of your brand occupied in the desired marketplace. We maintain a consistency of your brand identity throughout a product line, and extend it into POP and other advertising materials.

    Our experts can give you insights with precise indications for marketing management and practical implications through the following applications: Brand Naming and Logo Design, Trademark Research, Brand Standards Development, Corporate Identity Development, Brand Positioning, Market Evaluation, Brand Promotions and Advertising Management.

    We help generate consistent quality throughout your brand to develop memorable identities that build on customer loyalty.

  • Print Management

    Our mission is to offer you professional services and individualized attention to all phases, from prepress to print production, of your printing projects. We understand all of the detailed requirements in every job, thus, we overlook the entire process from start to finish, including file preparation, colour management and correction, colour separation, colour proofing, and plate production, to ensure that every step has met our standard of excellence and any special requirements. For further inquiries e-mail us at michelle.h@scainternational.com.

    Our production department understands the importance of consistent high quality images in the marketplace. We work closely with printers/converters to adjust each project, specifically to meet the technical specifications of any imaging device and maintain optimum industry standards.